My lady



Won’t have to ask for a thing    
Treat you as royalty, after all you’re my queen
I’d give you the world but the weight would tear my biceps
Make sure your head’s held high, no matter how low my eyes get
Let em stare cause I know you’re beautiful                                     
Conversation stays sharp, even when I’m being dull
I’ll sing you songs I’ve never even wrote
Because these emotions fuel the finest quotes

They love sex… That’s all I see.

My name is Essex, simple verbal irony


Golden skin with a smile that could blind the nation
The type of woman that could make an atheist believe in her love
It’s almost like she doesn’t know how attractive she is
That automatically makes her sexier then any model
Saved her name in my phone under soil, down to earth and dirty in the right ways
There’s a simple desire for what I write, in the same way that others lust for her body
Her presence is a warm radiance similar to the sun
You never tell the sun how much you appreciate it’s existence but it’s plain to see that you need it in your life



Is that Bill Nye?

Yes, i believe it is



Is that Bill Nye?

Yes, i believe it is

(Source: 90s90s90s)


Life is all about self worth and I know I deserve to be someone’s first choice
If I feel like what you’re trying to feed my mind isn’t real, then I’ll eliminate myself from the situation without any emotion
My mindset has grown to the point where I don’t crave lust at all
Why waste time on anything you know isn’t pure?
Past experiences made me realize that if I feel alone, then I need to be alone
There’s only one thing worse then feeling like you have no one while in a relationship and that’s death upon who you care deeply for
I’m not a relationship guru, I just can’t tolerate anything that’ll stress me out more then be emotionally beneficial to my life
My older sisters are women of substance, so I could never introduce someone to them who is just a pretty face
They’ll always have my best interest at heart, while also pushing me when needed and that’s exactly what I expect from my woman

A better life

I often think about how I can better myself everyday
Evolving is a priority to me
Up to this point in my life I haven’t worked hard enough
I’ll never be content in this life but I feel like that’s a positive
I won’t accept being mediocre because I know what I’m capable of
I’m gradually adapting to enjoying my solitude while at the same time distancing myself from the usual
I want to make a woman think, he might not have it all but he knows how to make me feel like I have it all
The material things will come in due time
With that being said I want someone who doesn’t need the material things, so that when I do decide to give them to her it means more then just some item that she’s used to
I crave a love as pure as the heavens, forever burning like the flames of hell

Social evolution

You ever desire a simple conversation but you know that the opposite sex is so quick to assume?
It kills me when I constantly have those “hey how are you?” type of conversations with the same people
I get tired of the same routine
It’s easy to become antisocial when there’s a lack of substance or effort
I have more entertaining conversations with my conscience
Why is life like this?
It annoys me just thinking about it
I used to be a people person but I evolved over time
It’s bittersweet that I get bored and irritated easily because at the end of the day I don’t like being alone


It’s crazy when you think about the society we live in
You can literally tell someone that you’re tired of living and they’ll proceed on with their lives as if they didn’t hear you
Yet people love to pretend to care after you’re gone and lie about the relationship they had with you
I dislike like when random people tell me happy birthday, especially when you didn’t notice my existence on the other 364 days of the year
People preach that money isn’t everything yet we spend our whole lives chasing it
When it comes to love we chase a rare forever when we know that heartbreak is more common
Am I the only one who finds it ironic that a lot of selfish individuals are the same ones promoting unity
The television has more power over the people then the president


I want your everything, everyday for the rest of my days
I want your flaws because love is acceptance
I want your heart because it’s pure
I want your mind because that’s my favorite place to be
I want to be your favorite anything consistently
I want to become one with you and never fade away
I want to give you the world but at the end of the day if you don’t NEED me in yours, then nothing I want matters

Dark skies

I really need to escape this depression I’m going through
It’s almost been two years since I lost you
No matter how good my day is, it ends under dark skies
I’d rather ignore my feelings, I can’t explain why
I feel lonely and these thoughts keep me up at night
Instead of telling someone, I channel it into the poetry I write
Some days all I want is to be loved, other days the only thing I want to hear is my conscience
The insomniac is finally tired from all the nonsense
I don’t feel appreciated so I’m going to disappear for awhile
No more wasting words, no more fake smiles…


Is everything just a game to you?
A coach just calling plays when they’re due?
Won’t ever change, so what more is there for us to do?
Living a lie, so many words said untrue?
Opposites attract? Is that why she’s so rude?
Why is what was once chemistry, now always escalating into a feud?
I was always told to finish what you started
But does that also include matters of where the heart is?