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Epiphany (part 2)

I used to think you were beautiful beyond reason
As much as I wanted to give you my all, I had to step back and assess reality
You’ll always be an attractive woman in my eyes, inside and out
No matter how much we click, your lack of time for me will overshadow everything else
Shallow thoughts will leave me with shallow results, beauty can only keep me high on you for so long
What’s the perfect woman worth if she can entertain the world but ignores the man who values her most?
You’re the reason I’m starting to embrace the warmth of my solitude
Ofcourse the loneliness still massages my ego but atleast my heart is safe

Bitter honesty

My mind is on a treadmill
Steadily running nowhere
I’m usually a positive person
When this cloud hovers over my head, all I feel is darkness
It’s like hope is extinct around these parts
A curse upon me for my sins?
I know my worth yet I sit alone and contemplate
Consistently over thinking, so none of my actions come as a surprise
I don’t need full blown happiness, just a piece
I don’t need material things, just some peace
Why do you lie to my face knowing you won’t be there when I need you the most?
All I’ve ever wanted was honesty
My problem is that I expect others to be a reflection of the friend that I take pride in being, when that’s not reality
Truth be told, I can’t remember the last time I’ve done someone wrong


Do you ever feel like you wish you would’ve never had a glimpse of love?
Maybe we’d all be more mentally stable if we weren’t so curious
Love can be the most beautiful thing in this life
Yet heartbreak makes you contemplate if all the emotions and time are even worth it
Loneliness is temporary…to some
Maybe the reason so many people are commiting to a lifestyle of lust is because they’re tired of putting in all the work of a relationship just to be let down in the end
So they do what’s easier for them
That lifestyle isn’t for me but I can’t judge someone elses
Lust is just love without the emotions
Love is just pure emotion itself

My lady



Won’t have to ask for a thing    
Treat you as royalty, after all you’re my queen
I’d give you the world but the weight would tear my biceps
Make sure your head’s held high, no matter how low my eyes get
Let em stare cause I know you’re beautiful                                     
Conversation stays sharp, even when I’m being dull
I’ll sing you songs I’ve never even wrote
Because these emotions fuel the finest quotes

They love sex… That’s all I see.

My name is Essex, simple verbal irony


Golden skin with a smile that could blind the nation
The type of woman that could make an atheist believe in her love
It’s almost like she doesn’t know how attractive she is
That automatically makes her sexier then any model
Saved her name in my phone under soil, down to earth and dirty in the right ways
There’s a simple desire for what I write, in the same way that others lust for her body
Her presence is a warm radiance similar to the sun
You never tell the sun how much you appreciate it’s existence but it’s plain to see that you need it in your life



Is that Bill Nye?

Yes, i believe it is



Is that Bill Nye?

Yes, i believe it is

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Life is all about self worth and I know I deserve to be someone’s first choice
If I feel like what you’re trying to feed my mind isn’t real, then I’ll eliminate myself from the situation without any emotion
My mindset has grown to the point where I don’t crave lust at all
Why waste time on anything you know isn’t pure?
Past experiences made me realize that if I feel alone, then I need to be alone
There’s only one thing worse then feeling like you have no one while in a relationship and that’s death upon who you care deeply for
I’m not a relationship guru, I just can’t tolerate anything that’ll stress me out more then be emotionally beneficial to my life
My older sisters are women of substance, so I could never introduce someone to them who is just a pretty face
They’ll always have my best interest at heart, while also pushing me when needed and that’s exactly what I expect from my woman