Can I seduce you with my words?
While I reveal thoughts you’ve never heard
Rather hear your thoughts though
My thoughts just come, they never go
Persuading you to open up, not just those thighs
Make her moist mentally before I even get inside
I’m something different is what you expect to hear
But really there’s no need to state the obvious, my dear
I let you form your own opinion, I keep it simple
Flawed like a replica yet I remain original

Sweet nothings

They claim they’re as down for you like the earth that you walk on
Turn their back on you, who can you depend on?
I’m not even interested in what you have to say now
Lost my trust, everything I hear is just a game now
“I promise you a temporary forever,  just believe me!”   
I’m learning that many people don’t fight for what they want, they’d rather do what’s easy
We start as nothing, date and often end as nothing
I find that ironic, the risk of building something for nothing             
I’m fine, just tired
Tired of spending time on sweet nothings
I know something good will come of it but by then will I still even want it?


I never understood why people constantly take me for granted
Now adays I just let them miss out on me                                  
Every person who sleeps on me is just more selfmotivation to be strong when I’m weak     
No one ever has time for me
Yet when someone needs to vent, I’m all ears
I’m hoping people remember me for being selfless the way I remember my grandma in this life
All I can do moving forward is seek and share positivity
These poems are more then just words, they are the emotions people are too blind to see from me
More then just random thoughts, this is my therapy on nights when I can’t sleep
My mind is the ink on the page…


My heart hurts, not because of my ex
But cause of the uncertainty that comes next
I don’t trust anyone who says they’ll be there for me
Earn my respect, show me you care for me
Consistency is gold
I have issues still untold
What if my flaws are too much?
Maybe my words are losing their touch
What if I’ve already missed out on love?
I contemplate if being alone is the only way I rise above

Heavy and temporary

What do you do when you see everything unraveling before your eyes?
When everything you put in work for comes crashing down?
Something that meant the world to you can become nothing in a matter of seconds
The world doesn’t stop for the tears on your cheeks
Emotions are heavy and temporary
Keep your head to the sky cause storms don’t last forever
Lift your own spirits stop depending on others

My superhero

I was closest to my grandma
She was a nurse and I was often sick as a child
Always taking care of me in her “free” time
Even off the clock her work was never over                                     
I had a kid’s mindset, I believed she’d live forever
I mean she was my superhero after all      Selfless in all aspects 
Didn’t say I love you much but never did I question her love
She passed away almost two years ago, the day after my birthday.
No woman can ever give me the love you did
Your name will be the first to grace my skin
Flaws and all you were the most perfect thing in my life
The world didn’t end in 2012, yet I lost mine                  
I miss you…

A reminder

I’m not a negative person, I’m just often depressed
I know it’s easy to forget about all the good vibes around you
Life is full of little things we take for granted
Like the fact you aren’t blind and can read these words
Sometimes you just need to appreciate the good people in your life even though they’re out numbered by the bad
I’m a lot happier then I was this time last year
I’m not trying to preach, this is simply a reminder to myself
Life is short so show off those teeth while you still have them
When it’s all said and done, you control your happiness

Daily contemplation

I replay scenarios in my mind
Often thinking about what I should have done differently
I think before I do but nonetheless I make mistakes
We all do
My mind zones out as I reminisce about the past
Maybe I was too selfish, maybe I was too selfless
I really wish I didn’t get irritated easily because I feel like I lose a lot of people like that
Maybe we just aren’t compatible
Maybe I need to relax
Maybe I can’t cause I think too much
Maybe I’m just an ass
Everyone likes a nice ass
Does everyone like me?
No but I wouldn’t change for anyone
Nobody’s opinion matters
Still I often feel I’ll never be good enough


Smile of a goddess
She can have any man she wants
Which is why I don’t waste her time
Her time is as valuable to me as herself
I don’t trust myself to show her every flaw
I don’t want my personal issues to cause her to drift away
I daydream about you
It’s not even sex, I think about being able to consistently make you smile
That smile could brighten anyone’s day, so everyone wins
We both know you don’t need me but I wouldn’t want it any other way
Your independence just shows me your work ethic
I could speak up but because she could have anyone I feel like that would be selfish on my behalf
I couldn’t see you settling for me because you deserve the best
I know I haven’t grown into that man yet…